Encode are genuine, honest and focussed. Before Encode, I had only ever received generic job messages from recruiters. ​ When I spoke to Simon, he actually spent time to find out who I was, what my skills and experience were, what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.


Senior Developer

Simon and Kristine from Encode Talent are professional, dedicated, and understanding. With all the advice from Simon and Kristine, I built up my confidence and the interview went even more smoothly than I could expect.



My experience working with Simon has shown me how working with a great recruiter can be the difference between finding the right role or not. Simon took the time to listen to the types of roles I was interested in and presented me with a handful of opportunities that each seemed like a perfect match. Simon's local knowledge and personal connections in the IT industry were invaluable, with him using his industry connections to line up interviews that were better than anything advertised on Seek.


Senior Business Analyst

Making a career change is sometimes a difficult step but Kristine from Encode made this process straightforward. Kristine was very professional and kept me informed by clearly communicating the requirements at every stage



The experience I had with Encode during the recruitment process was something I had not experienced with other recruiters before. Simon took the approach of finding out about my workplace and lifestyle requirements as well as my expertise. Simon then took the time to find jobs that suited me not just on a professional level, but personal. When the time came to present me with options, there was a no pressure attitude where I was not felt like I was obliged to take an interview.


Technical Lead

Simon has the ability to identify excellent opportunities for technical staff. He found me a rare role that ticked all the boxes, for an organisation with a genuine need for my skills and knowledge



Simon works hard to understand my specific needs, and he is dedicated to finding the best fit for his candidate. He always make sure to keep me informed during the process, and it has been a very chilled and relaxing journey. I really enjoyed working with Simon and I was impressed with the high level of professionalism that he demonstrates. Thank you for all your dedication and support!



Simon reached out to me on LinkedIn and immediately stood out as not-your-average recruiter. Over the following weeks he guided me through several applications and interviews, which culminated in me being offered my ideal position at a great company within just a few weeks. Simon's experience and attention to detail took all of the stress out of what would normally have been an exhausting process, and he was a pleasure to work with



I had a great experience working with Simon and Kristine. They are really professional and I really appreciated their approach to match the me with right opportunities. Every candidate has specific requirements when changing job and Encode negotiates very well with companies on behalf of candidates. In my current organisation, Encode has had great success finding the right people and management has a high regard for Simon and Kristine



Simon and Kristine’s approach to recruitment is totally refreshing.  We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the way they matched the candidates' aspirations with our business and genuinely represented both parties though the process. Their professionalism and communication though the entire process was excellent, and their follow up and support is second to none. You won’t find a better recruitment team to have on your side.



Simon and the Encode Talent team really put me first.​ They took the time to find out what I wanted, found the roles that I was interested in, and then helped prime me to really put my best foot forward for them.



Many other recruiters are happy with casting a wide net for matching candidates with jobs. Simon's approach is to hand pick candidates, learn about them and then give them curated opportunities. I found this to provide a much more personalized experience, with the opportunities presented to me aligning with my values and expertise.