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By Simon Cook

On Thursday 6th of February 2020 at the Belgian Beer Bar, the Front End Dev Adl team (Shane SmithDan Harris and Matt Pigram) are hosting an evening of Lightning Talks. These consist of bite-sized presentations of around 10 minutes each, all on developer-related topics. It's a new format for the event and one the team is excited about!

I took the opportunity to interview each of the presenters ; below is one in a series of five conversations that will be released in the lead up to the event.

Josh Young is a Software Developer (Full Stack, PHP / Laravel and Javascript /VueJS) at Verto Group, a South Australian software development company made up of a passionate team of software professionals that are committed to building and releasing products to transform, engage and enrich lives. Their mission is built on our name Verto, which is a Latin word meaning: ‘to transform and set to flight’. They have developed a suite of products specifically for Churches and Not-for-profits including V interact, Redde Payments and Church Central.

FREE ADVERT! They are currently on the lookout for a Front End Developer (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/who-simon-berry/)

What is the title of your talk?

“Frontend Dev: from a Backend Perspective”

What is it about?

I will be sharing my journey in learning front end development as a back end developer and the lessons that I have learnt along the way to make me a better developer. I will be sharing some of the things that I have learnt to make it easier for front end developers to work with back end developers.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing to improve the life of software developers, what would it be?

I would have clients better understand the complexities that be be found in development and that sometimes the simplest of tasks can be the most complex. Simplicity especially in UX is not easy.

Can you describe the Adelaide tech scene in 5 words or less?

Growing & Blossoming

Can you make a case that front end developers are more valuable than back end developers?

This is a hard case to make. I have a lot more respect for front end developers having done this work. They are both equally important in the process.

Could you take a controversial position for the benefit of this interview????

If I had to be controversial, I would say that I think front end developers push the boundaries too far. Some of the node js developers they think they can do back end and security and business logic – which they don’t understand in some cases.

Because it is javascript based they think they can do it.

Thanks for giving me that!

How would your family describe what you do for work?

I’m not sure how they would explain it, my wife is also in the business. They probably say I “Make Websites!”.


Josh will be presenting at the Front End Dev Adl on Thursday 6th of February 2020 along with Michael Timbs, Ollie Boermans, Darragh Kearns and Thais Aquino.

To register for this free event, go to https://www.meetup.com/Front-End-Developers-Adelaide-FEDA/events/267850251/ today

Encode Talent is a proud sponsor of Front End Dev Adl.

See you there!

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